Thursday, November 25, 2010

well, i seriously dont think ive ever been so busy before ever!!
keeping the shop full of new summer dresses and jewelley is hard work!..ive been pattern and sample making like crazy! fabric shopping every morning before opening the shop, sewing at night..and im writing this in between gluing stud earrings and updating the online store! here are some pics from today..
you'll be seeing these cute fabrics as fitted high waisted shorts very soon! strawberry shorts yay!

fabric laid out to cut shrugs! restocking the glitter shrug and pink kimono fabric shrug (photos on the online store) plus a few new ones!

sorting out out fabrics/styles/quantities
my sewing room at home, its always this messy

these will be beautiful floaty maxi dresses!
it takes 3.5 meters for one of these dresses so there wont be many..maybe 5 in each fabric
i try to photograph everything as often as possible but theres a lot i dont have time for! you can call the shop to ask whats new in if you like.. (02) 9517 3310  i have a bunch of new frilly front dresses both maxi and mini instore at the moment but i wont have photos until next week. also a few sexy one-off  silk dresses in tomorrow arvo :)
i brought a few in last saturday and they lasted minutes so come in, have a peek and say hi!

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