Thursday, September 15, 2011

what a beautiful day to spend in the park! anastazia and i pranced through fields and climbed through palm beds while running back to change and forth to change outfits and do make up in my car..a lot of curious stares from the early morning dog walkers but really fun day! the maxi dresses above are a onesize (adjustable neckline, straps and sash) and comes with a nude under slip. they are $139

above is the swan dress. $149 made of cotton drill with a feature zip running down the back and deep pockets. there are three variations to this style. the first is v-neck with high back and sleeves, the second is v-neck high back but sleeveless and the last is sleeveless low back with a higher audrey hepburn style neckline.

petal dress above $149 made of cotton linen. we have only made up one in each size in this dress so if you want one please come in to try on or email me and i can arrange for you to buy online.
black tahlia ruffle dress. $89

hummingbird graphic skirt and belinda blouse. $79 and $88

picnic skirt and belinda blouse in slate. $79 and $88
ill be getting all of these styles on my online store tommorrow. . this is a 2 am post, i have been editing photos for wayy too long.. goodnight!

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