Thursday, November 3, 2011

heres a pretty photo i took of the shop peterpan dresses in the window, mr fox tees and owl skirt. it all looked so cute i had to take a photo! i bought the sweet floral butter dish/ring display for 50 cents at the tempe salvos. (and my friend nalli found lots of mismatched $2 fancy crystal wine goblets that reminded her of her grandmas house at new years eve-a good day of op shopping!) the butter dish rings are all only $10, adjustable and are one offs so please stop in and try one on soon.

porcelain owl necklaces are all $39. the mini owl is on a 45 cm chain and the two bigger ones are on 60 cm chains.

these necklaces would all make the best little christmas gifts wouldnt they? the typewriter necklace is so detailed and tiny! its $45 

and this laser cut and engraved mini wooden wolf necklace. i think hes my favourite!

tommorrow morning im shooting another mini collection so watch out for another blog post over the weekend with lovely new clothes! (including the colourful cube ink drawing printed on a cream organic cotton singlet..i got the first sample today and it looks gooood!!!) 

happy friday!

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