Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new label instore.
introducing melbourne based design label monolog. hand printed orgainc cotton dresses made to mix and match and layer or of course you could just wear one!

Q: What fabrics do you use?A: We use 100% organic cotton on all garments.
Q: How do you wear these garments?A: Monolog is all about multi-functional. Every pieces can be worn in a few different ways. We also would like to encourage people to experiment and find your own way to wear the pieces.
Q: How do you wash them?A: First, hand or machine cold wash like colors. Second, wash and iron them inside out to protect the prints. Lastly, be careful not to bleach or wring.
Q: Will these garments shrink after wash?
A: The fabrics will definitely soften after washing. Therefore it has the tendency to stretch a bit but it will retain the shape.

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